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I processed and resolved the negative emotions surrounding the estrangement of my daughter in one session. Severe symptoms of PTSD were also drastically reduced after just one session! It's as if the events did not happen to me & I am detached from the intense emotional suffering I was experiencing. I have the least fibromyalgia symptoms that I have had in many years. I was guided to such a place of peace surrounding my relationship with my mother & was finally able to tell her exactly how much I loved & adored her. I don't believe in coincidences, rather that things co-in-cide... in the right place at the right time. I feel encouraged, empowered and deeply supported by Sophie. She not only has a wealth of knowledge, but is genuine, intuitive & naturally skilled, a true gift!

For a year I had been suffering with long COVID symptoms and in particular I had lost most of my sense of taste and smell. With doctors not being able to help I booked in with Sophie having seen that she was able to assist with post COVID problems.

I was astounded by how much progress was made right from the first session of hypnotherapy.

Sophie was extremely professional and informative. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending her practice.

Miri S. - UK

Sophie transformed my anxiety and stress. I only had 2 sessions and my anxiety completely disappeared.


Before seeing Sophie I was struggling to get through the day and now feel so positive and calm. I feel I can now live and enjoy my life again!

I contacted Sophie because I needed help with my overthinking. I was constantly thinking about issues, about things that happened one day, or even one week ago and at some point it got really overwhelming.

After our initial conversation, she understood what is the root cause of my problem and we delved into the sessions with the goal to release the anxiety from my past. We had 5 online sessions and I was amazed by how much progress I made even from the first session. Throughout the sessions, I created, with the help of Sophie, visions and images that were astounding and at some point my emotions were very intense. Even from the first session I realized that I had paused my constant thinking and I was surprisingly calmer. I would never believe that such progress would be made in such a short period of time. Sophie is really an excellent professional and the love that she has for this field is evident.

I would highly recommend seeking her help to anyone facing personal issues that could not be tackled easily by the traditional therapies.

Emma B. - Vietnam

I went to Sophie looking for help with my relationship, but she helped me to see that what I really needed to overcome was within myself.


Sophie helped me to let go of the painful things within myself that were stopping me from being open to love, and she gave me the tools I needed to remain centred and calm in stressful situations.

My relationship has blossomed, and I am more self-assured in all areas of life.


Thank you Sophie!

Alexander W. - London

All my life I've been struggling with feelings of low confidence and an imposter syndrome that wouldn't leave me be.


Working with Sophie has unblocked some sort of path in my subconscious mind and has allowed me to feel more comfortable in my skin and be more present in the moments that matter most in my life.

I highly recommend anyone who feels like they're stuck to get in touch with Sophie and feel the emotional freedom after a couple of sessions already.

Kimberley - USA

Thank you for my session - Relationship, cord cutting.


I am so grateful I got to experience how freeing a hypnosis session can be. Incredible and eye-opening.


Thank you.

Leanne H. - Holmes Chapel

Elaine B. - Cheshire

Therapists need therapy too sometimes. Finding the right support when you are ‘in the trade’, so to speak, is not always easy.


Sophie was professional, respectful and warm. I was supported and guided skilfully to a place of healing. EMDR is fast acting, powerful and truly transformational.


I will be recommending Sophie to others, including fellow therapists.

After years of feeling hopeless, lost and alone I decided to give EMDR a try.


Sophie was so kind, understanding and guided me every step of the way to regain joy, peace and stillness in my life. She is an excellent practitioner who offers a multidisciplinary approach to ensure you are getting the most benefit from your work together. She will guide you through purposeful introspection and will offer tailored and appropriate support with even the most difficult of situations and the feelings that they evoke.


This whole experience has been life changing. I cannot recommend As Minds Fly highly enough.

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