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The goal of hypnosis is not to control your thoughts but to stop your thoughts from controlling you.

 I offer customised online and face-to-face hypnotherapy sessions to give you the tools you need

to transform your life. 

Hypnotherapy gives you the keys to unlock the resources you need to make the change.

Improve your life

Do you lack motivation, confidence?

Are you suffering from anxiety?

Do self-limitations and self-talk affect you?

Are you controlled by your emotions?

At a crossroad, not sure which direction your life is taking?

Gain clarity of vision and a sense of direction.

Sharpen your skills.

Improve focus and effectiveness.

Invite motivation.

Expand your perspective.

Increase confidence and mental strength.

Unlock deep-stored negative emotions.

Make decisions, set goals, brighten your future.

Hypnosis helps you progress effectively and purposefully, in many areas of your life, redefining your personal vision and attaining your goals more efficiently.



Hypnotherapy can reframe negative beliefs, deal with inner chatter and reconnect with inner strength and confidence. You then create practical, emotional and behavioural change.


Limiting beliefs

Hypnotherapy empowers you to control the inner voice, readjust your self-image, be kinder to yourself, becoming more aware of your belief cycle, turning it into a new, empowering one.


Emotional reset

Hypnotherapy helps pull up all the repressed feelings of fear, anger, hurt, sadness, and frustration, clearing them away, effectively hitting the reset switch on your emotions.

Living with hyper-vigilance and catastrophic thinking
impacts the body physically and emotionally.

Trauma and stress

Traumatic events cause physical, emotional, psychological, and even spiritual harm. Often our body's response of fight-flight-freeze doesn't rescind after the event. We remain hyper-vigilant, confronted with triggers, nightmares, panic attacks, flashbacks, insomnia, being on edge, self-harm or suicidal thoughts.

Hypnotherapy cannot erase a traumatic event, but it can directly address the responses, bring in perspective and release any negative beliefs and conclusions that are buried in the subconscious.

Hypnotherapy helps heals the scars of trauma that hold you back from happiness and fulfilment.



In hypnosis , we experience a deep level of physical and mental relaxation. The body learns to relax and let go of unnecessary tensions and unhelpful worries. We sleep  better, think clearly, have more energy and focus, and better control of our triggers.  



Hypnotherapy helps reduce stress and fears, equipping you with coping mechanisms, through focused visualisation and  deep relaxation. You take back control, change your perspective and resolve the thoughts and reactions that create your anxieties.



Hypnotherapy is a powerful treatment that can help you regain a sense of safety, providing controlled access to memories, and tools to identify and manage  triggers. Many symptoms can be alleviated, and your internal warning system can be reset.



Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, extreme anger, pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome are just a few of the symptoms which can indicate unresolved trauma in your body. Stress is a dangerous force at the root of many health problems.

Clinical hypnotherapy is a powerful tool, bringing the body and mind to a deep state of relaxation where all stressors and triggers can be subconsciously identified and defused.

The body can then start it self-healing process.

Most clients require 4-6 sessions to see elimination of all symptoms, but sometimes relief is gained in fewer.

The healing power is within your own subconscious mind.

When you believe...anything is possible.

Hypnosis helps you destress.
Your pulse slows.
Your blood pressure comes down.
When that happens, you see things more
clearly, your perspective switches and
changes take place.

Misconceptions about hypnosis have been shaped through years of inaccurate but interesting portrayals of hypnosis on the stage, in movies or books.

Hypnosis is a natural human ability, involving focused attention, visualisation and enhanced capacity to respond to suggestions.

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