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Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, EMDR Practitioner,

Couple hypnotherapist, Transformation Life Coach

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Nurturing is tuning in to the person before you and offering small gestures towards their needs

M.A. Radmacher

I spent most of my life outside my beautiful home country - France - which encouraged me to become resourceful, adapt to the local life, as well as appreciate the richness of local cultures and traditions. My sons taught me the many facets of life, that nothing is set in stone, that there are many ways to find solutions to care and support others.

My learning journey was never linear. I have always been fascinated by other cultures and ways of life, intrigued by local music and colourful food, captivated by local markets, crafts and traditional tales. Life unexpectedly changed everything for me and I had to step out of my comfort zone.


On a quest to heal my mental and physical self, I journeyed to India where I discovered ancient wisdom, energy healing and hypnosis. I felt a profound shift and a sense of purpose unlike any I had experienced before, reconnecting within myself and with the world and the people around me.


Connecting with other people facing similar adversities, I soon realised that my own experience, my approach to dealing and coping with problems, my creativity, my values and beliefs, all brought relief, positivity and hope to others.

My role today is to facilitate change, gently guide you through transformation and the feeling that you too can again fully embrace life, feeling positive and finding happiness, as is your birth right.

I processed and resolved the negative emotions surrounding the estrangement of my daughter in one session. Severe symptoms of PTSD were also drastically reduced after just one session! It's as if the events did not happen to me & I am detached from the intense emotional suffering I was experiencing. I have the least fibromyalgia symptoms that I have had in many years. I was guided to such a place of peace surrounding my relationship with my mother & was finally able to tell her exactly how much I loved & adored her. I don't believe in coincidences, rather that things co-in-cide... in the right place at the right time. I feel encouraged, empowered and deeply supported by Sophie. She not only has a wealth of knowledge, but is genuine, intuitive & naturally skilled, a true gift!

Skye P. - USA

Success in several key areas of my life

It is really amazing what people can do.

Only they don't know what they can do

- Milton Erickson

EMDR Therapy

Therapists need therapy too sometimes. Sophie was professional, respectful and warm. I was supported and guided skilfully to a place of healing.

Elaine B. - Cheshire

About me

Trust - Honesty - Respect - Compassion

I have accumulated interdisciplinary knowledge to

provide the best possible service and outcome, seeking

solutions and tools to help you reach your goals.

I am a facilitator guiding you into hypnosis to access

the subconscious mind and using the power of suggestions

to facilitate positive life changes.

I am perceptive and intuitive, understanding problems and

devising plans and solutions as we talk. 


I went to Sophie looking for help with my relationship, but she helped me to see that what I really needed to overcome was within myself. Sophie helped me to let go of the painful things within myself that were stopping me from being open to love, and she gave me the tools I needed to remain centred and calm in stressful situations. ​ My relationship has blossomed, and I am more self-assured in all areas of life. Thank you Sophie!

Emma B. - Vietnam

I care and aim to give you the best, helping you thrive and making deep positive changes.

I take a holistic approach addressing your issues as a whole, acknowledging the relationship between the physical, mental and emotional components of your self.

I strongly believe in hypnotherapy, offering a gentle yet quick and very effective treatment to so many mental, emotional and physical ailments. I have tried it first hand and know how much it can help, soothe and even cure many issues, both mental and physical.


I contacted Sophie because I needed help with my overthinking. I was constantly thinking about issues, about things that happened one day, or even one week ago and at some point it got really overwhelming. ​ After our initial conversation, she understood what is the root cause of my problem and we delved into the sessions with the goal to release the anxiety from my past. We had 5 online sessions and I was amazed by how much progress I made even from the first session. Throughout the sessions, I created, with the help of Sophie, visions and images that were astounding and at some point my emotions were very intense. Even from the first session I realized that I had paused my constant thinking and I was surprisingly calmer. I would never believe that such progress would be made in such a short period of time. Sophie is really an excellent professional and the love that she has for this field is evident. I would highly recommend seeking her help to anyone facing personal issues that could not be tackled easily by the traditional therapies.

Alexandra E. - Germany

I know first hand how EMDR takes the power out of upsetting experiences, relieving mental, emotional, physiological stresses, and making them much more manageable.


I have been through a lot myself, experienced trauma and debilitating illnesses, pushing me to find relief and solutions often outside the box. I have used hypnosis and EMDR to support myself on my healing journey, to go past self-created illusions that limited my growth and ability to change. I gained new wisdom, light and an adaptability that transformed my emotions and brought perspective and clarity into my life.

Working with me

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist adhering to the code of conduct of hypnotherapists and subscribing to the continual professional developmental training when available.

Practice of EMDR.

NLP Master Practitioner.

Inner Child Healing Practitioner.

Transformation Life Coach.

Corporate Wellness Coach.

Mindfulness Coach.

Body Healing Coach.

Chakra Healing Coach.

Music Therapist.

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