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The emotional and physiological impacts decrease.

You gain new perspectives and understandings.

You regain ownership of body and mind 





Infidelity and betrayal




Panic attacks

Sleep disorder

Anger management

Eating disorder

Chronic illness


Grief and loss

And more...

Online EMDR

Online EMDR is an adaptation of Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing, a very effective and powerful approach to healing past traumas, and changing deep anchored self-limiting beliefs.

The primary principles and phases of EMDR do not change when done online. It is essentially the same and even potentially enhanced by the fact that those receiving treatment can utilise various home comforts during treatment. 

EMDR helps defrost frozen memories,
providing healing to the root of pain.


Your past stops impacting your present. Your thoughts are focused on what matters. The symptoms, the emotion, the sensations lessen and eventually disappear.


At some point during desensitisation and reprocessing most clients experience a shift, a profound inner peace and a rediscovered appetite for life. 


My role today is to facilitate change, gently guide you

through transformation and the feeling that you too can

fully embrace life, feeling positive and finding

happiness, as is your birth right.

Healing does not mean
the damage never existed.
It means
the damage
no longer controls your life.

Sophie J.

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