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Couples and Relationships

I strongly believe in hypnosis, offering a gentle yet quick and very effective treatment to soothe inner conflicts, transform communication and de-escalate tension.​

My role today is to facilitate change, gently guide you through transformation and the feeling that you too can fully embrace life, feeling positive and finding happiness, as is your birth right.

Sophie J.

Conflicts, disagreements, disharmony

Communication difficulties

Emotional distance and loneliness

Feeling unsupported, unfulfilled

Attachment insecurities, obsessive behaviours

Anger disorders, anxiety, depression

Intimacy and desire issues

Infidelity, betrayal, affairs

Trust and commitment issues

Falling out of love

Hypnotherapy can help you to reframe negative thoughts and behaviours.

it is difficult
to get pass
the conflicts, disagreements and disharmony.

Together we will

Assess where you are right here, right now.
Address your issues in a safe and calm environment.
Understand why there is conflict.
Explore each of your individual needs and how they can be met.
Set healthy boundaries.
Improve open and constructive communication.
Learn how to go from 'I' to 'We' in your relationship.
Agree on and apply strategies.
Reflect through hypnosis and visualisation for success.


Hypnotherapy can be a catalyst

to move your relationship

from a place of hurting to healing.

Hypnotherapy for relationships is not just for couples.

It is about becoming more understanding partners.

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