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Improve your life with

Become the authentic you

The quality of our life depends on the quality of our physical and mental health.

Hypnotherapy is a first step towards self-care and better health.


With hypnotherapy we can:

- address issues that are holding us back at the subconscious level.

- overcome the number one cause of health issues - stress - at its source

- stop bad habits

- improve sleep

- soothe chronic pain

and so much more.

Through hypnotherapy, we can

- work on your physical, emotional and psychological wellness

- support your personal development and growth

- readjust the health of your relationship with others

- address blockages with wealth and finances

- boost your energy levels

- expand your spiritual awareness.


The subconscious mind loves symbols, pictures and metaphors, like in dreams.

While in a hypnotic trance we may open doors,

walk down corridors, walk across bridges,

visit some old memories or listen to the voice of our inner adviser. 

Hypnotherapy is life-changing

because the freedom from most problems starts

in the deeper mind.

Hypnotherapy is a key to open the door to transformation

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I can help

Increase your self-confidence.

Release deep-stored negative emotions.

Sharpen your skills.

Transform your limiting beliefs.

Anger management.

Better health.

Break unwelcome habits.

Boost your motivation.

Boost your memory and learning.

Cope with grief and loss.

Deep relaxation.

Enhanced body image.

Health relaxation.

Increase concentration and focus.

Increase energy.

Increase performance.

Let go of fears and phobias.

Pain relaxation.

Quit smoking.

Regain senses after COVID19.

Promote healthy sleep. 

Stress management.

Hypnotherapy is an individual therapy using a state of focused attention and increased suggestibility.

The number of sessions will vary depending on the individual and the specific condition or issue being treated. Typically hypnotherapy is delivered once per week for an average of 5-6 sessions.

Sessions last between 70 to 80 minutes.

The price per session is £130.

I contacted Sophie because I needed help with my overthinking.After our initial conversation, she understood what is the root cause of my problem.

Even from the first session I realized that I had paused my constant thinking and I was surprisingly calmer. I would never believe that such progress would be made in such a short period of time - Alexandra

I strongly believe in hypnotherapy offering a gentle yet quick and very effective treatment to so many mental, emotional and physical ailments. I have tried it first hand and know how much it can help, soothe and even cure many issues.

I have been through a lot myself, experienced trauma and debilitating illnesses, pushing me to find relief and solutions often outside the box. I have experienced hypnosis to support myself on my healing journey, to go past self-created illusions that limited my growth and ability to change. I gained new wisdom, light and an adaptability that transformed my emotions and brought perspective and clarity into my life.

My role today is to facilitate change, gently guide you

through transformation and the feeling that you too can

fully embrace life, feeling positive and finding

happiness, as is your birth right.

Sophie J.

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