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The emotional and physiological impacts decrease.

You gain new perspectives and understandings.

You regain ownership of body and mind 





Infidelity and betrayal




Panic attacks

Sleep disorder

Anger management

Eating disorder

Chronic illness


Grief and loss

And more...

EMDR helps defrost frozen memories,
providing healing to the root of pain.

Healing does not mean
the damage never existed.
It means
the damage no longer controls your life.

Now in the centre of Manchester

The Space

Royal Exchange, Manchester, Old Bank St

Manchester, M2 7DD

Now offering appointments on Saturdays.

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I strongly believe in EMDR, offering a gentle yet quick and very effective treatment to so many mental, emotional and physical ailments. I have tried it first hand and know how much it can help, soothe and even cure many issues, both mental and physical.

I have been through a lot myself, experienced trauma and debilitating illnesses, pushing me to find relief and solutions often outside the box. I have experienced EMDR to support myself on my healing journey, to go past self-created illusions that limited my growth and ability to change. I gained new wisdom, light and an adaptability that transformed my emotions and brought perspective and clarity into my life.

My role today is to facilitate change, gently guide you

through transformation and the feeling that you too can

fully embrace life, feeling positive and finding

happiness, as is your birth right.

* Offer available to new clients only

Sophie J.

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